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Articles, book reviews, archives of the publication by Fred Holder, editior / publisher. : Anvils and Anvil Tools
For shoers, farriers and blacksmiths

DEMPSEY'S FORGE / anvilfire Store.
Source for Forge supplies, kaowool, ITC products, Anvils in America. . .

Mephisto Tools, Caukling and Yarning Irons
Lead pipe joint tools, tongs, chisels. Propane, butane and Natural Gas Forges Natural Gas Furnace Propane Furnaces
For shoers, farriers and blacksmiths

Kohlswa Swedish Cast Steel Anvils
Farriers and blacksmiths patterns

Repousse Tools and Techniques for Artists and Blacksmiths

Swage BlocksBlacksmith Tools Blacksmithing equipment and information sources

Forging Tools .com
For shoers, farriers and blacksmiths

GREEN Forging .com
Forging Machinery for a GREEN Future!

Forging Hammer Network : Tools for Blacksmiths and Industry

Blacksmithing and Forge Information

Locksmithing information for blacksmithsLocks

Peddinghaus Forged Steel AnvilsPeddinghaus Anvils

Artist blacksmith, blacksmithing and metalworking informationblacksmithing forging tools machinery

Blacksmithing televisionVideos DVDs



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